What a great day!

As part of getting myself back out into the world, I’ve been babysitting once a week or so for a friend. She has a lovely 12 month old little boy, who for privacy purposes, I’m going call “Alex”.

Alex is extremely active and has just recently learned to walk; which is a lot of fun, but also something of a challenge. I enjoy my time with him immensely. 🙂 Alex gives the best hugs, ever. Seriously, this little guy can turn even the most depressing day upside down with nothing but a hug, but his brilliant little grin helps too.

Today, I learned that he even makes my exercise routine fun. I took him in the stroller for a 30 minute walk. We talked about birdies, butterflies, cars… Ok, I talked, he made happily little gurgles and giggles. Still, it was a lot more fun than walking with just music to listen to. It’s amazing how fast 30 minutes goes by when you’re enjoying yourself!

When I got done watching Alex, I went home and laid out in the backyard for some sun. The only thing missing was a drink with an umbrella in it.

Pain levels are way down and even the fog is manageable today. On top of that, I’ve lost another two pounds, which puts me at 14 total. What a fabulous day!

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