“Chaos Rains”

Chaos Rains WM

No, I didn’t use wrong word when I titled this piece, it really is supposed to be “Chaos Rains”, not “reigns” :). I chose “rains” because of the drips and drops of color I used to create the background but I really do love the homophone.

This piece provides a glance into my brain on some of my foggier days, days when chaos actually does reign in my mind. The riot of color in the background represents all of the random fragments that seem to float around in my head while I’m trying to form coherent thoughts. The black lines are those thoughts, sometimes they twist and turn, getting lost in the riot, and sometimes, I’m lucky enough to pull them straight out of the fray.

Thankfully, not everyday looks like this- I think I’d go totally crazy if they did, but it happens often enough. I am at least grateful that my imagination provides me with the ability to express myself with more than just words alone.


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