THE Plan, update #4

I have a confession to make. Over the holiday weekend, my diet got thrown overboard. No calorie counting, no walks, none of it. Believe it or not, by the time Monday rolled around, I was actually missing my routine.

My last workout was Wednesday and by Sunday I noticed a serious increase in my pain levels. It started out with a headache, but by the start of the afternoon the random pain spikes had started: my hands, my arms, my legs.. all over the place. Ugh. I hate days like that and I totally didn’t miss them.

I don’t know if it was the lack of exercise, the sudden change in diet or maybe just a random bad fibro day, but it was miserable. Needless to say, it’s back to the routine for me!

I’ve decided to try adding some basic yoga to my weekly routine, I just ordered Yoga for Beginners from It should be here by the end of the week, so hopefully by the time I post my next update, I’ll be able to say whether I like it or not.

I’ve tried taking actual yoga classes, but they were an epic fail. I made sure to talk to the instructor before I signed up, I told her I had fibro and that I was an absolute beginner to yoga; she assured me that her class would be perfect for me. It was, in fact a total nightmare. The class was mostly made up of advanced beginners and the instructor moved so quickly from position to position that I couldn’t keep up. Thankfully, my mom had decided to take the class with me, so I wasn’t the only one struggling. I think we gave up after only 3 or 4 classes, even though we paid for 8.

Needless to say, that experience left me with a bad taste for anything resembling yoga. I’ve decided to give it another go now only because I need to change up my workout routine and  I could use some guidance as far as stretching. Improving my flexibility probably won’t hurt either. If I try this and still hate it, I may give pilates a shot. True, yoga and pilates are similar, but they’re definitely not the same thing.

I’m really looking forward to trying something different, so here goes!

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  1. fibrofieldguide
    Jul 13, 2013 @ 23:22:12

    Hi there. I just found your blog today and I must say, you are one fibro-fabulous lady. I’ve just started to try and get my act together too. I even decided to blog about it. If you’d like you can take a look at:

    It would be great to find or create a community online where we can find encouragement. Keep up the good work!


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