How I Fight Fibro

I decided to try adding a new category to the blog, called “How to Fight Fibro”. Normally, I wouldn’t bother announcing a new category, let alone explaining it, but this one is a bit different.

Every fibro fighter is unique, and experiences the disease in their own way. That being said, perhaps I should rename the new category to “How I Fight Fibro”. I’m not going to fill this section with the random ramblings of the internet; this section is purely for things that I have personally tried and have found to work for me. Just because something makes me feel better doesn’t mean it will make anyone else feel better, but I’m hoping that my posts will help others or at the very least, maybe spark a new idea for someone else.

Just so you know, I am incredibly skeptical when it comes to trying new things; I have never been one to run out and try every latest new product or idea. It usually takes me awhile to warm up to the idea of new therapies and even longer to actually try them. So please, don’t expect me to post reviews of any “As Seen on TV” products or brand spanking new technologies purported to help ease fibro suffering.

I’m aware that to some, this new category may seem unnecessary, considering that this entire blog is basically meant to detail my experiences with fibromyalgia and how I’m coping with it. However, my main focus is on diet and exercise, something that many of you feel is out of your reach. I’ve gotten a LOT of comments both here and on the Facebook page sayings things like “I tried that, but it only made the pain worse”, or “I can’t even get out of bed, how am I supposed to exercise?”. This new category will not focus on exercise or any other form of physical torture, there may be the occasional mention of a specific stretch or movement that I’ve found to be helpful, but overall, it will be exercise and effort free. 🙂

Believe it or not, I truly do understand how hard the fibro can make it to even think a single clear thought, let alone attempt to get out of bed. I’ve only made it this far due to sheer stubbornness; there’s no “secret” to how I manage to force myself to work out when I feel like a flaming pile of doggy poo. I promise that if I ever stumble across something amazing, I’ll share it. If I could bottle my “sheer stubbornness”, I’d give it away for free (as long as you pay for the shipping costs!).

Anyway, I’ll be posting my first suggestion shortly, I hope it helps!

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