Mom Life

Wow. Where to even begin. It’s been a long freaking time since my last post, like three years. If I have any followers left, I’m sorry! Life happened. For real, I made a life, and now my own life is complicated and often difficult to navigate.

On top of fibromyalgia and keeping my own self alive, I now have a whole other person to manage. Thankfully, I have my amazing husband to help me balance things, but it’s still tough. Every day is a new lesson.

Keto is still our main way of life, but I’d be lying if I said we were anywhere near as strict about it as we were before I got pregnant. During the week, we’re pretty good about it, then the weekend comes and POOF! Chipotle and pizza just seem to appear 😬.

I’m honestly not sure where I’m even going with this, I just wanted to make a post to break the ice and get the words flowing again. Wish me luck!

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